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Welcome to Unicus Athletics, home of Unicus Athletics CrossFit Argyle & Unicus Athletics 940. We strive to provide the highest level of CrossFit and Performance Coaching in the far North Dallas Area (Argyle, Denton, Corinth, Lantana, Ponder, Justin and surrounding areas). Our goal is to help all member levels achieve their health and fitness goals in a safe, challenging environment.

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Wednesday 3/21/18

Primer: 4 sets increasing effort-Run 400m

(Rest 1min)
Strength: 4 sets

-DB Single leg cross body RDL (30×1): 6/leg

-Rest 30sec

-Core circuit: 10 Supine toe touches Rt. Leg + 10 Lt. Leg + 10 Double leg

-Rest 30sec

-Dual KB Front squat (22×1): 4-6reps

(Rest 75sec)
Training: AMRAP 7min


-Head cutter (35/53lb)

-Toe to bar

Tuesday 3/20/18

Primer: 3 sets-5 Single arm upright row Rt.
-5 Single arm Push Press Rt.
-Single arm OH walk 25’ Rt.
-5 Single arm push jerk Rt.
-Single arm OH walk 25’ Rt.
-5 Single arm upright row Lt.
-5 Single arm push press Lt.
-Single arm OH walk 25’ Lt.
-5 Single arm push jerk Lt.
-Single arm OH walk 25’ Lt.

(Rest/Stretch 90sec)


Strength: Push Press + Push jerk + Split jerk (every 90sec x6 sets)


Training: 5 sets
-30sec Row 85-90%

-Rest 30sec

-30sec KBS (35/53lb)

-Rest 30sec

-30sec Air Bike 85-90%

-Rest 30sec

-30sec Burpee (no jump)

-Rest 30sec