Monday 10/9/17

Primer: 3 sets

-Row 8/10cal

-5 Step down/leg (3sec down)

-10 Goblet Squat

-Rest 1min



A) Power Clean: T&G 5,5,5,5 (Rest 90sec)

B) Back Squat: 10,10,10,10 (From 60%) (Rest 2min)


Training: 3 rounds for total reps (Control!)

-1min Row (Cals)

-1min Alt. DB Snatch (30-45lb/50-70lb)

-1min Burpee no jump

-1min Shuttle run (10m)

-1min Alt. Goblet Rev. Lunge (35/53lb)

-1min Rest


Goal is controlled pacing. Here is the game, pace yourself for the full minute and attempt to add 1 rep to each movement each round. Do NOT game it with the time. use the speed of each movement to pace. No stopping early to insure added reps. BUILD CONTROL!!


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