Sports Performance

Unicus Athletics CrossFit Argyle Sports Performance Training
Sports Performance Training

Life is competition and your competitors are training hard. So, if you’re fighting for that Varsity position, reaching for that collegiate scholarship or looking to improve your professional performance, Unicus Athletics Sports Performance Training is the place to make that happen.

Sports Performance Training is where it all began. Our High-Level Sports Performance training is conducted thru our Unicus Athletics division.

With exceptionally successful collegate sports careers, and degrees in Kinesiology, Sports Performance, Exercise Science and Health, the coaches of Unicus Athletics have dedicated themselves to providing the absolute best sports performance training in North Texas.

Our Coaches are some of the most experienced in the entire North Texas Region. You will not find anyone more dedicated to helping you reach your goals. All of our coaches remain competitive in the Professional and the elite amateur levels. Their skills, and their ability to coach those skills are second to none.

The competition for starting positions and the opportunities to play at the next level is intense. The percentage of Unicus athletes receiving collegiate scholarships to play at the next level continues at unprecedented levels. If you are serious about getting better, improving skills, taking your fitness and strength to the next level and gaining a competitive advantage over your competition, you owe it to yourself to come by and talk with our staff.

Sports Performance Training is by Invitation Only

  • Unicus Athletics’ Sport Performance Training is a unique, proven, progressive training program designed to enhance and improve the performance of highly competitive athletes.
  • The focus of Performance Training is on building upon a base of conditioning and core strength to improve explosive strength and power, enhance speed, acceleration and agility, and improve overall efficiency of movement. All of which are vital elements to all sports and any successful athlete.
  • Performance athletes are assessed at the beginning and end of each session and the data taken is used build programming and to gauge individual progress.
  • All athletes schedule 1 on 1 meetings with the coach to discus their progress, their goals and their experiences in the program.